How To Go From Skinny To Curvy [In 2 Simple Steps]

Fed up with your skinny physique? Looking to add some bang to your booty?

We’ve got you covered.

In this guide we’re going to walk through everything you need to know to transform your body from skinny to curvy.

Even better? There’s only 2 simple steps (and a little dedication) required.

But first… let’s get something out of the way...

Curves do not equal fat

To go from skinny to curvy, you’re going to need to put on weight. After all, you’ll to need to fill those new curves with something right?

But you want to put on the right type of weight. And that weight is not going to be fat (although there may be a little bit of that in your “bulk” stage), it’s going to be muscle.

Here’s what can be a little scary though:

When compressed into the same area, muscle is actually heavier than fat. In simple terms, the fibers are denser, meaning an inch of muscle is going to add more to the scales than an extra inch of fat.

So don’t be scared to see the needle moving up while you’re adding muscle. You’ll be getting fitter and stronger…

...and of course, curvier!

Understanding body types

Let’s quickly run through body types. If you already know this, feel free to skip :)

Some articles claim there are more. But in reality, every female body (indeed every human body) will fit into one of three types. Here’s a quick summary:

body types


Ectomorphs are naturally skinny (for us, that means lacking curves), and will find it harder to add weight/muscle, and to maintain it. As an ectomorph, your body will tend to revert to its lean, skinny default when you stop training.


Mesomorphs tend to be naturally athletic (and curvy). They’ll find it easier to add weight, and that weight will normally be piled on as muscle rather than fat. Minimal maintenance will be required to keep that muscle. Lucky mesomorphs huh?!


Endomorphs will have a rounder shape, and they’ll tend to put on weight (unfortunately as fat without proper training/diet) easier.

So which body type are you?

Well, as you’re reading a guide that’s all about going from skinny to curvy, we’re going to assume that you fit into the ectomorph category.

Which is why it’s ectomorphs our skinny to curvy plan is tailored for.

Curves in the right places

To state the obvious...

To have “curves”, some parts of your body will have to be smaller than others. So you’re not looking to bulk up all over.

But even when we’re not looking to add mass, we still want to strengthen and tone. For example, to accentuate our hips and bum (which is what we’re looking for), we’ll want a flatter, more toned stomach.

Which is why our regime has different types of exercises for different body parts depending on our goals.

And while we’ve all got our own idea about the perfect body shape, we’re going to focus on a plan for the classic “hourglass” figure. In a nutshell, that’s:

  • Hips and bust around equal width
  • A small, defined waste
  • Fuller, rounder buttocks
  • Wider thighs

So let’s get on with the plan. And like most good things… starts in the kitchen!

Step 1: Create a booty boosting, curve creating diet and nutrition plan

Proper nutrition is key to achieving your body goals.

And as you’re looking to go from skinny to curvy (and put on weight), the good news is you’re going to get to eat more. Yay!

But don’t break out the ice cream just yet. Because although we’ll be looking to up our calorie intake, we’re also going to want to make sure we’re eating:

  • the right foods,
  • with the right balance of macronutrients,
  • at the right times

Before we look at what those foods are, here’s something that might surprise you:

Eating more might be tougher than you think. Why? Because as an ectomorph, your body naturally wants to be skinny. In many ways that’s a blessing. But it can actually be a bit of a curse when you’re trying to put on weight.

When you up your calorie intake, your body will fight back. How? By suppressing your appetite. So you’re going to have to battle through that, stick to your meal plan, and eat even when you’re not hungry.

Over time, as your body adjusts to your new diet it should get easier. But that’s not always the case.

Now let’s break down our nutrition plan.

Recommended calorie intake for gaining curves

Expecting an exact number here?

You’re going to be disappointed. Because the number of calories you’ll need to consume each day is going to be dependent on your own personal maintenance calorie number.

That’s the number of calories you’ll need to consume each day to stand still (neither gain or lose weight).

Fortunately there are some handy calculators that will help with that. We’d recommend this one.

Start by entering your personal metrics (age, gender, height, weight, and activity level). Choose “Moderate” for exercise level.

calorie counter

Hit “Calculate” and you’ll get a table which shows your personal recommended maintenance calories (“Maintain weight”). You’ll also see some calorie intake recommendations for weight loss… but we can ignore them!

So with the metrics we inputted, we should consume 1,857 calories a day to maintain our weight. But…

...we don’t want to maintain weight. We want to put weight on. So we’re going to need to up that.

A general recommendation for progressive and healthy weight gain is to consume 300-500 more calories than maintenance each day.

Our advice?

Shoot for 300 additional calories on days you’re not training, and 500 additional calories on workout days. In the example above, that would be:

  • Rest day: 2,157 calories
  • Workout day: 2,357 calories

We recommend training 4 days a week. Which means that, weekly, you’ll be consuming around 2,900 additional calories on top of your personal maintenance level.

Recommended macronutrient balance

We’re not going to hit you with a hard and fast rule here. There’s some wiggle room. But loosely we’d recommend macronutrient levels around (or within):

  • 30-40% of your daily calorie intake from healthy fats
  • 40-50% of your daily calorie intake from carbohydrates
  • 20-25% of your daily calorie intake from proteins

In case you need a refresh, here’s a quick breakdown of some (healthy) foods in each category.

Healthy fats

Avocados, cheese, nuts, eggs, peanut butter, oily fish, olives, full fat yogurts


Bread, rice, pasta, oats, cereals, fruit, vegetables, beans, milk


Chicken, turkey, lean beef, eggs, tinned tuna, fish, nuts, oats

You’ll note there’s some overlap there as certain foods are rich in several key macronutrients. For example, eggs have a great balance of protein and fat, while oats are rich in both carbohydrate and protein.

And when it comes to carbs, we’d recommend sticking to whole grains (i.e. brown bread, whole wheat pasta) as these are slower burning — providing energy for longer, and helping to avoid quick spikes in blood sugar.

Eat small, regular meals

Upping your calorie intake is critical. But it’s also important to eat at the right times, and to keep your body fuelled throughout the day.


Because if your body can’t get fuel (food) from your stomach, then it will start to burn fat and muscle for energy. Which is going to undo the hard work you’ve done building your curves!

So we recommend eating small, regular meals, which will provide your body with a constant source of energy. Clearly you can’t eat while you’re sleeping. But during the day we recommend eating every 2-3 hours.

Let’s see how that might look.

Workout day - 500 additional calories over maintenance

Breakfast (7.30am)

poached eggs on toast

3 large eggs, 1 slice of wholemeal toast with butter, glass of orange juice

Approx calories: 400

Morning snack before workout (10.30am)

banana oatmeal smoothie

Banana oatmeal smoothie (recipe here)

Approx calories: 332

Lunch (12.30pm)

wholegrain pasta with tuna

Wholegrain pasta with tuna, lemon, and rocket (recipe here)

Approx calories: 413

Afternoon snack (3.30pm)

Crackers with cottage cheese

Approx calories: 150

Dinner (6pm)

Broccoli, rice, cheese, and chicken casserole (recipe here)

Approx calories: 756

Evening snack (8.30pm)

1 banana

Approx calories: 105

Before bed

Glass of whole milk

Approx calories: 150

Total calories: 2,306

Rest day - 300 calories over maintenance

Breakfast (7.30am)

overnight oats

Easy overnight oats (recipe here), glass of orange juice

Approx calories: 420

Morning snack (10.30am)

2 slice of wholewheat toast with peanut butter

Approx calories: 360

Lunch (12.30pm)

chicken salad

Chicken salad (recipe here)

Approx calories: 206

Afternoon snack (3.30pm)

1 apple + 1 whey protein shake

Approx calories: 200

Dinner (6pm)

terryiaki salmon stir fry

Teriyaki Salmon Stir Fry (recipe here)

Approx calories: 644

Evening snack (8.30pm)

greek yoghurt with mixed berries

Fresh greek yoghurt with mixed berries (recipe here)

Approx calories: 220

Before bed

Glass of semi-skimmed milk

Approx calories: 90

Total calories: 2,140

Supplement your new diet with booty boosting herbs and nutrients


While there’s no magic bullet, certain herbs and nutrients have been proven to assist in increasing butt size when combined with an effective exercise and nutrition program.

The good news? Our nutritional supplement, Brazilian butt boost blends 9 natural ingredients for a booty boosting mix of vitamins and nutrients that can help speed up your progression from skinny to curvy.

Check it out here.

Tip: Allow yourself a “cheat” day now and then

Let’s be honest, dieting is tough. Even when that diet involves eating more food rather than cutting back.

So if a Saturday night pizza is your thing… then don’t feel you have to banish it from your life completely. But try and stay somewhere in the region of your overall calorie count for the day if you can.

Don’t skip the earlier meals, but maybe scale them back a bit to compensate.

Either way, don’t be too hard on yourself. The odd pizza or ice cream isn’t going to stop you from reaching your body goals.

Now let’s move on to step 2. Which… you’ve probably guessed… is all about exercise.

Step 2: Follow an exercise regime to boost your booty and pinch in your waste while building overall strength

Don’t like running? You’re in luck.

Because to go from skinny to curvy you’re going to need to go light on the cardio, and focus on strength training exercises that build muscle.

Note: if you do want to keep cardio in your regime, then you’re going to need to skip back to your nutrition plan and add even more calories. Basically anything you burn in your cardio, you’ll need to add back on top in additional food. It’s a simple equation: to gain weight you need to consume more calories than you burn.

We recommend you train for 4 days each week. And we’d suggest the following split:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Upper body
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Legs
  • Friday: Upper body
  • Saturday/Sunday: Rest

We’re not going to create an exact split on the exercises (although we will point you to some nice routines). But on the upper body days you might want to focus on arms and chest one day, abs and back the other. We’re going heavy on legs (and specifically glutes) because that’s where you’ll want to build the bulk of your muscle.

So while the exact split will be up to you, below we’ve recommended some of our favorite exercises for building curves that will stop traffic.

Dumbbell Squats (Legs)

Squats are pretty much the ultimate booty boosting exercise. The primary muscles you’ll work in a squat are your:

  • gluteus maximus,
  • your hip flexors,
  • and your quadriceps.

Or in other words… your bum and your hips.

If you’ve never squatted before you might want to start without any weights to get your form down. You’ll get more out of a deep squat (i.e. going closer to the floor) with less weight than you will from a shallower squat with more weight.

YouTuber Whitney Simmons demonstrates correct form for a deep dumbbell squat in this video:

Dumbbell Lunges (Legs)

Dumbbell lunges are perfect for adding some thickness to your thighs.

Again, focus on proper form to begin with, and start with light (or even zero) weight.

Here’s an overview of how to perform a dumbbell lunge correctly:

Glute Bridge (Legs and Core)

The glute bridge is a great exercise that will strengthen both your glutes and your core.

Here’s how to do it right:

Full leg workouts

Here are a couple of full leg routines you can try, which incorporate some of the exercises above.

We already included Whitney Simmons video above for demonstrating proper squat form. But we’d recommend watching the full routine as… well... it’s great!

And for a full on booty booster, we also like this intense 15 minute glute focused workout from Mad Fit:

Planks (Core)

Our goal for our waist is to tone it, tighten it, and (ultimately) shrink it. That’s going to make our curvaceous booty look even curvaceouser (it’s a word now right!).

So what’s the best exercise for shrinking your waist? If you answered situps or crunches… well we’d beg to differ.

Instead we recommend basing your core routine around planks, which teach your abdominal muscles to contract.

Here’s a great plank routine from Emi Wong:

Chest workout (for bigger boobs!)

Here’s a sweet little chest workout from Joannah So, which includes multiple exercises for boosting your bust.

This routine is probably better suited for the gym. So if you’re looking for some exercises that you can do at home, this guide from Cosmo has 5 exercises you can do with dumbbells (and a floor mat if you so wish!)

And if you’re looking for ultimate bust boosting… check out our Breast Max Plus Cream, an all-natural formula which can help to enhance the shape, size, and firmness of your breasts, and maximize your feminine curves.

Ready to go from skinny to curvy?

That wraps it up for our guide to going from skinny to curvy.

It’s going to take some hard work and dedication. You’re not going to get thick overnight…

But there really are only 2 steps required.

By upping your calorie count (while keeping it healthy), and working your butt and body with a focused strength training routine, you’ll soon notice a difference in your figure, and start to see those curves taking shape.

Going from skinny to curvy is in your hands.

So what are you waiting for?

Looking for more food ideas for boosting your curves? Check out our guide to the best foods to eat for a bigger butt.

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