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Americans Want Bigger Butts (The Data Cannot Lie!)

Ever wondered if more Americans want bigger butts, boobs, or lips? Perhaps not… but here at Kimi Naturals we thought it would be fun to find out!

So we collected public search data from Google to get the answer. And while we were at it, we also crunched the numbers for each US state.

Read on to find out the split for your state. But first, here’s a graphic with a summary of our findings.

Spoiler alert: Americans want bigger butts!

americans want bigger butts

So, with the exception of a pocket of Northwestern America, Nebraska, and Vermont, it seems the butts have it! In fact, across America, there were 56% more searches for "bigger butt" than "bigger boobs", while searches for "bigger lips" made up just 15% of the combined search volume for the three terms.

Here's a full breakdown of the search popularity in each US state...

And finally, here's a chart showing the relative popularity of each search term by state. This is population adjusted, and the state with the most searches (relative to population) has a score of 100.

Example: an individual in Mississippi (score 100) is twice as likely to search for "bigger butt" than an individual in Indiana (score 50).

Or in simple terms...

...the higher the number, the more popular the search term is in the state!

So there you have it. It's official. More Americans want bigger butts than bigger boobs. How do we know? Because the data cannot lie!


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