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Understanding Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills: Everything You Need to Know

Learn more about these miracle workers in this comprehensive guide!

We’ve all been there - looking at the mirror, and not being satisfied at what we see. There’s no shame in wanting to look better to feel good about yourself. And yes, that includes wanting to improve how your breasts look. If you have small breasts, if you’re losing your breasts’ firmness because of aging, or if you’ve gone a cup size down after pregnancy—this is for you.

It’s time you get to know the safe and natural solution to getting the breast size you want. That’s why we’re answering the questions you’ve been dying to ask about breast enhancement pills.


  1. What are breast enhancement pills?

These are dietary supplements that increase breast size. They’re usually formulated with all-natural ingredients with bust-boosting properties such as herbs and other exotic plants. They promote natural breast enhancement with no recovery period, which make them a safe, painless, and affordable alternative to breast enhancement surgery.

  1. What are the ingredients?

Tons of breast enhancement pills are available the market, and even more are coming out. Most of these breast enhancement pills have begun using all-natural ingredients. While most of them vary in formulation, there are four essential ingredients typically found in breast enhancement pills.

  • Fenugreek
        • The most common ingredient found in breast enhancement products
        • Increases the production of phytoestrogens which stimulates the mammary glands, and help your breast tissue grow and expand.
  • Fennel seed
        • Helps increase the formation and dimension of breast tissue
        • Contains flavonoids that increase the estrogen level in the body
  • Dong quai root
        • A sexual stimulant that’s clinically-proven to improve hormone balance
        • Improves estrogen levels, and stimulates breast tissue
    • Blessed thistle


        • Balances hormones and builds breast tissue            

    Most of the herbs found in breast enhancement pills contain high levels of phytoestrogens. Now, you might be asking: what are phytoestrogens? The word itself is derived from “phyto,” meaning plant and the word “estrogen,” the fertility hormone. Thus, phytoestrogens are compounds in plants that mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.

    These compounds are not created by the endocrine system (where estrogen and progesterone are made) or the human body. Phytoestrogens can only be ingested or consumed. These plant-derived compounds are found in a variety of herbs used in breast enhancement pills.

    A good way to incorporate natural phytoestrogens in your body is by following a plant-based diet. Soy, especially, is rich in phytoestrogens.

    1. What are its other benefits?

    Because many manufacturers have turned to using all-natural ingredients, breast enhancement pills double as dietary supplements. Phytoestrogens found in most of the ingredients not only stimulate the growth of breast tissue (the main goal), they also offer other benefits, such as:

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Better digestion process
    • Stronger heart and lungs
    • Treating acne
    • Reduced menopausal symptoms
    • Relief from PMS symptoms

    Other ingredients also contain antioxidants that protect the body from harmful molecules called free radicals that causes various diseases.

    1. How do I use them and for how long?

    Breast enhancement pills are consumed daily by the recommended amount, usually with water or a meal. The recommended amount varies depending on the brand. Breast Max Plus recommends taking the capsules only twice a day.

    As for how long you should take them also depends on the product. Some breast enhancement pills such as KIMI Breast Max Plus start showing noticeable differences as early as the first two weeks of use.

    Bodies work differently, and products differ in formulation, so changes may appear in a shorter or longer period of time. Typically, it’s advised to take these pills regularly for at least three to six months for optimal results.

    1. How do I make them work faster?
  • Incorporate phytoestrogens into your diet. While breast enhancement pills already contain a good amount of phytoestrogens, incorporating the plant-based hormone into your diet might just speed up results. Some examples of food groups that contain a generous amount of phytoestrogens include:
    • Soy products (soybeans, soy nuts, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, miso soup, and miso paste)
    • A variety of seeds (fennel seed, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pistachios, and walnuts)
    • Vegetables (garlic, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, and alfalfa sprouts)
    • Fruits (dried apricots, dried prunes, dried dates, peaches, and oranges)

  • Do breast massages. Breast massages improve the blood circulation in and around the breast and chest area. At the same time, they also tone and stretch the breast tissues to make your breasts firmer and appear larger.
    While it does require some patience, breast massages are very easy to do. Simply massage your breasts in inward circles with your breasts going toward each other. Do these for 5 to 10 minutes at least twice a day: once in the morning, and again at night before going to bed.

  • Use creams. Breast enhancement pills work to stimulate the natural growth of breast tissue from the inside. Meanwhile, breast enhancement creams promote the growth of breast tissue from the outside. These creams typically contain similar active ingredients as the pills. These include fenugreek, fennel seed, dong quai root, and blessed thistle.
    Together, breast enhancement pills and creams work hand in hand to speed up the growth of breast tissue. You can use these creams while following the breast massages.
    1. What else should I look for when buying?

    Simple: warranties and refund policies.

    These money-back policies prove the credibility of the company, and their confidence in their products. For example, KIMI Naturals offers a 60-day 100% refund for any of their products, including the breast enhancement pills.

    If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the product, simply return the product within 60 days of purchase. Refund policies vary between companies and manufacturers, so it’s good to do a little research before purchasing the product.

    Overall, taking breast enhancement pill is a cost-effective solution to achieving your desired breast size. While patience is essential when it comes to taking these pills and waiting for results, you also gain other benefits in the process. Consider this a journey to a shapelier, more confident you!


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