Lip Plumper Add Luscious Volume to Your Lips

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Lip Plumper Add Luscious Volume to Your Lips

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$39.99 $0.00

Adds volume instantly: With just a swipe, our lip plumper will add fullness and charm to your smile.

Highlights your lips: Draw attention to your luscious lips by making them big and beautiful.

Adds some shine: Complete the look with the added gloss that our lip plumper produces, and you can be sure it’ll last you through the night.


Apply to your lips as a primer under lipstick or other gloss, or as a standalone product to add volume. Results should show immediately (a tingle indicates the product is working). Do not use too often, as product might cause dry or chapped lips with overuse.

Get full, beautiful lips instantly!

Do you want to add that extra bit of pout, fullness and shine to your lips? Don’t rush to a doctor yet, just try our lip plumper that’ll make it happen in an instant! With all-natural ingredients and a shine that will last all night long, the Lip Max Lip Plumper does the trick without adding any extra prep time to your evening.

The fastest way to plump up your lips!

If you want immediate results, and you’re not ready to commit to permanent transformations on your face, the Lip Max Lip Plumper is the perfect solution. It’s effective, it’s really easy to use and you only need one application to make it happen. It’s all-natural and it’s a very small addition to your going-out ritual that makes for a very big difference! Looking to glam up your look even more? Our lip plumper pairs perfectly with other lipsticks, liners or glosses to add shine and definition to your style.

An affordable pout!

Collagen injections are permanent, costly, and painful. Our lip plumper takes just a single application, and other than a wonderfully refreshing tingle, has no side effects. The cost is minimal, and you can choose how often you apply it, letting you go from your normal, everyday look to your night-out-on-the-town style with no effort. Even better, the Lip Max Lip Plumper is small enough to fit in your purse or clutch, and can be used anywhere. We’re pretty sure your friends will be begging for a try!

Smile like a celeb

The Lip Max Lip Plumper uses all-natural, safe ingredients to swell your lips to a beautiful size. If you’ve always dreamed of Jolie or Jenner-style lips, this product can take you from thin to thick in no time at all. Full lips are the perfect accent to your signature glamorous style, and you’ll be sure to turn heads with that extra-juicy look.

Bold and sexy lips

Instantly and painlessly add volume
An inexpensive alternative to painful collagen injections
Full lips add runway glamor to your style


What goes into the Lip Max Lip Plumper: Bee Venom Manuka Honey Vitamin E Sweet Almond Oil Beeswax Shea Butter Capsaicin

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