Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth Shampoo


Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth Shampoo

All you need to know about getting thicker, healthier hair with nothing but shampoo.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror, and see your hairline receding? Is that a new bald spot you’re seeing? Are your brushes a stringy mess of frizzy strands? Is your drain clogged by clumps of hair? Desperate times calls for desperate measures, but who’s to say you need to go under the knife to get your crowning glory back? There’s an effective, not to mention safe, solution to battling hair loss: hair growth shampoos.

What are hair growth shampoos?

Hair growth shampoos are shampoos specially formulated to promote healthy, natural hair growth by using all-natural ingredients with hair-growing properties. Like regular shampoos, they are applied topically, and massaged onto the scalp to stimulate hair follicles.

They are safe, painless, and non-invasive alternatives to hair surgical procedures such as hair grafting, hair multiplication, and hair follicle replication. With hair growth shampoos, there aren’t any risks or recovery time. Not to mention, it’s definitely much more affordable.

However, before buying hair growth shampoos, there are some factors that you need to consider.

  1. Ingredients.

Several hair growth shampoos in the market contain their own special mix of ingredients that aren’t found in other hair growth shampoos. However, there are essential ingredients that ensure you get the lustrous locks you desire. Three of these ingredients are Biotin, Keratin, and Argan Oil.

  • Biotin. Also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, biotin is an essential nutrient, one of the most important ingredients found in hair growth products. In fact, biotin deficiency can ultimately lead to hair loss. However, this B-vitamin is not naturally produced by the body.
    Aside from hair growth products, people get enough biotin by eating certain food such as eggs, nuts, grains, and milk. Biotin strengthens and improves hair condition as it grows, giving you a fuller, shinier, and softer head of hair. It also helps maintain healthier skin and stronger nails.
  • Keratin. On the other hand, keratin is a structural protein that makes up 90% of each hair strand. Since it’s a protective protein, keratin is less prone to breakage compared to other cells in your body. Keratin is found in many hair growth shampoos to help hair become more damage-resistant as it grows, and help improve the overall condition of already existing hair.
    A research conducted in 2013 found that the active components of keratin makes it a promising ingredient if you want stronger hair. This is why salons offer keratin treatments, a procedure to smoothen, add shine, and give life to dry, frizzy, and brittle hair.
  • Argan oil. Finally, argan oil is good for you because of its high levels of Vitamin E which has antioxidants that promote healthy hair regrowth. Its rich nutrient content stimulates the scalp, and produces more hair by avoiding the risk of losing more follicles. Argan oil acts as an effective hair conditioner that adds shine to hair, tame frizzy hair, prevents dandruff, moisturizes the scalp, treats split ends and brittleness, and repair damaged hair.
    A study conducted in South Korea found that 44% of participants experienced natural hair regrowth with Argan oil treatment, proving it’s almost as good as minoxidil in terms of treating hair loss, but without the harmful side effects.
  1. Online reviews.

It’s important to research before buying hair growth shampoos. You can buy hair growth shampoos on Amazon or on the product’s official website. There, you can see the product’s reviews and ratings. However, it’s good to note that, since bodies work differently, trying out hair growth shampoos may be a hit or miss.

  1. Manufacturer and company.

Many bestselling hair growth shampoos are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the United States, and plenty of companies are beginning to ship internationally. While most companies have their own Amazon web page, it’s best to go for ones that also sell their products on their official website. This makes transactions and returns easier.

Also, make sure the company promises a 100% money-back guarantee, in case you find the product ineffective. Of course buying hair growth shampoos may be a hit or miss, which is why this guarantee is important. This also proves the company’s credibility and confidence in their product.

Now, on to one of the most frequently asked question: how long does it take to work?

While some hair growth shampoos show results, which is usually less hair fall and hair breakage, as early as the first two weeks of use, it’s usually suggested to use the shampoo regularly for at least 3 months, for more visible results. Make sure to follow the instructions stated on the packaging label. These instructions are typically as easy as lathering the shampoo onto your hair, and massaging it onto the scalp.

For best results

You can also combine the usage of hair growth shampoo with other hair-growing techniques for faster and better results. For example, you may use a variety of natural essential oils and plant butter as leave-in conditioner. Other hair growth techniques can be as simple as exercising to unclog your hair follicles, massaging your scalp to improve blood flow, and eating healthy so your hair can absorb enough vitamins and minerals to stay strong.

Compared to invasive hair growth procedures, the use of hair growth shampoos prove to be the safest, most affordable, and most cost-effective solution to hair loss. As mentioned, it’s important to look up a product’s ingredients, reviews, and the manufacturer before making a purchase. A little research goes a long way. With hair growth shampoos, you can say goodbye to those unflattering bald spots and damaged hair, and get the fuller, healthier tresses you’ve always wanted.


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